Film camp was born out of a mutual love of film and family photography by four unique artists who love to teach, connect, and find inspiration all around them. We wanted to create an intimate retreat by and for family photographers who shoot film or have an interest in shooting families on film to show you what’s possible.

With over 10 years combined experience shooting film, we believe we can capture families the most unique and authentic way with this beloved medium, and that others can too.

While film may have its limitations, it is also freeing and exciting. We believe there are no creative limits when shooting families with film, and that the key is finding your own voice and then doing the work. This is evident in our diverse photographic styles and provides a unique learning opportunity for you (with an extremely low instructor/attendee ratio!) all in one beautiful setting!

Sometimes we can have the biggest breakthrough and/or become the most creative in an intimate setting where we can connect and learn in a supportive and inspiring environment. So Film Camp is not just about learning. We foster connection, relaxation, and rejuvenation to feed the mind, body, and soul and help us become our most creative selves. Plus, hello Charleston!

We hope you can join us!